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The IV Therapy

15 minute - 90 minute phone, online or in-person consultation ($50-$235) with Naturopathic doctor is required prior to any IVs.
(Please ask us how you may qualify for extended health benefits for all naturopathic services)

Please note that
only the key nutrients are listed below each IV and that most IVs also include basic vitamins and minerals in addition to key nutrients.

The Pure Gluta IV

Vitamin C



helps to detoxify the body, increases energy, lowers inflammation, strengthens immune system and brightens skin.


The Glow IV

also known as The Snow White IV. Potent blend of antioxidants help fight signs of aging, lighten and brighten your skin.($150-$230)

Vitamin C
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)


The Energizer IV 

Vitamin B12
B Complex

treats adrenal fatigue, improves energy, and balances cortisol level ($180)

The Immune IV

increases immune function, white blood cell count and prevents cold and flu, other infections ($150)

Vitamin C
The Rejuvenate IV

anti-aging IV therapy which helps combat free radical damages - a leading cause of fine lines, wrinkles and signs of aging ($180)

Vitamin C

The Vitamin C IV

treats cancer and chronic infections. Helps to relieve side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and improves quality of life ($110-$400) 

Vitamin C
15 -150 grams

* Dosages higher than 15g will require blood test prior to treatment

The Trio IV

Vitamin C

encourages production of collagen for healthy and strong hair and nails ($180)

The Slim IV
Vitamin B12
Amino acid complex

boosts metabolism, energy level and encourages fat burning ($150)

The Serenity IV

helps lower stress, supports stress management and promotes sleep. Also improves mood, memory and concentration ($180)

Vitamin B12
The Detox IV

encourages detoxification in the body, treats drug overdose, prevents and cures hangover ($180)

Vitamin B Complex
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
The GI Revive IV

treats symptoms of IBS/IBD, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion and gut healing ($180) 

The Cocktail IV
Vitamin C
Vitamin B

also known as Myer's Cocktail which includes multivitamins and minerals to improve general health and energy ($100) 

The Migraine Relief IV

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6

treats and prevents acute and chronic migraines. Includes magnesium and vitamin B6 to reduce symptoms ($150) 

The Voyage IV

prevents jet-lag, fatigue and getting sick before/during/after travelling ($150)

Vitamin C
The Performance IV

reduces post-workout inflammation and enhances endurance. Also helps fast recovery post-surgery ($180) 

Vitamin C
Branched-Chain Amino Acid

The Custom IV

allows combining IVs or customizing IV therapy for patients' individual needs ($180)

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